The Xtreme XT all-terrain wheelz are designed for rugged

off-road use, but they will also roll smoothly over common

street obstacles such as road seams, manhole covers and

pebbles. Xtreme's patented XT wheelz are designed to go

where urethane wheels won't: off-road, out-of-bounds,

across fields and down grass-covered slopes. XT Wheelz

takes the fun of skateboarding to places

where only 4x4's played before.


The Xtreme S/S Super Slick throws skateboarders back on the

street with a vengeance. With its high quality handling

characteristics, the Xtreme S/S offers a super smooth ride

with awesome carving action. Its specially formulated rubber

grips the roads in the tightest turns. Xtreme's S/S provides

a noticeable ride difference.


Xtreme Wheelz uses cutting edge technology offering

exceptional performance and quality. Both of its wheel

styles use specially formulated rubber blends and

composite hubs. The solid rubber designs provide long

lasting, quiet wheels. Both the XT Wheelz and the S/S

Super Slicks can be purchased as an accessory to street

boards, or as complete boards (free-style or cruiser).

Offroad or SS Street Slick

$65.00 includes all hardware & riser plates

complete boards from $139.00

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