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Sports Clubs, Groups and Associations

Silver Streaks
Los Gatos CA 408-354-5605 Layne

Bay Area In-Line Racers
Geoffrey 415-367-1448

 Bladium In-Line Hockey Stadium
Leagues/Games 415-442-5065
Glide with Pride School of Skating
Santa Monica CA 31-451-7746

The Edge Skate Park
Irwindale CA 818-357-7393
Marin Roller Hockey Leagues
Bay Area Aana 415453-7223

Slalom Training
LA CA 310-838-4858
Midnight Rollers Friday Nite Skate
San Fran 415-752-1967

Golden Gate Skate
San Fran JFK Drive Closed Sun 6am-5pm

Dry Ice
Oakland CA 510-562-9599

Berkley YMCA Youth Leagues


Bicycle Adventure Club
Tours US and Overseas

 Bomb Squad Mt Bike Club
San Diego CA 619-554-1318

US Cyclery Mountain Bike Club
San Diego 619-452-8842

Athletic Singles Association
San Diego Ca 619-530-2114
Orange County 714-855-3010
LA County 310-302-9332

Southern Sierra Fat Tire Assoc.
Bakersfield CA Arin 805-632-BUGS

Oackland Yellowjackets

Marina Del Rey Cycling Club

LA Wheelman Bike Club
Industry CA 818-763-2419

Fleet Feet Sports
San Diego 619-481-4148
 Hammerheadz Club
San Diego CA

San Diego CA 619-455-VETS


The Wilderness Connection
Seminars San Diego Ca 619-366-4745

Mountain Adventures Seminar
Childrens Rock Climbing
Bay Area 510-654-2510/848-1712

Triahtalon Clubs

Athletic Singles Association
San Diego Ca 619-530-2114
Orange County 714-855-3010
LA County 310-302-9332

Function First Adventure Workout Club
San Diego CA 619-792-4099

Golden Gate Triathalon Club

* Belmont Shore Womens Rugby Foot-Ball Club
Orange County CA 714-856-1754
* Bay Area Council of Skiers
San Fran. CA Listings of Clubs Near You 24hrs
* Golden State Race Walkers
San Fran. Harry 510-849-0125

* He'e Nalu Outrigger Canoe Club
Lakespur CA 510-718-CANOE

* Imua Outrigger Canoe Club
Orange County CA 714-586-0646

* Mission Cliffs Climbers
San Fran CA 415-550-0515

* Mountain Adventure Seminars
Central Sierras 800-36-CLIMB

* Olympic Circle Sailing Club
San Fran 800-223-2984

* Renagades Hockey Club
San Fran. 408-265-3656

* Team West Coast Athletics
Los Angeles CA 310-456-7207
* Pacific Currents Sailing Clubs
San Fran. 805-240-0323

* Bay Area Curling Club
San Jose CA 510-672-2478

Running Clubs

* Santa Monica Runners Club
CA 310-826-3615
 Orange County Christian Running Assoc.
CA 714-645-5050

Trail Runners Club
LA CA 310-459-3757

Tozi Athletics
San Diego CA 619-295-2981

Santa Clarita Runners CA 805-259-5441

Diablo Road Runners
CA 510-906-8880

Swimming Clubs
* Oakland Aquatic Master
Steve 510-339-8013

Long Beach Swim Club
Lucy 310-431-0052

 Chula Vista Masters Swimming

Manhatten Beach Masters
310-45 San Gabrial Valley Club

Triathalon Club of San Diego

Triathalete Zombies Racing Team
Santa Monica Ca 310-459-34581-6666

Thrillseekers Unlimited
EXtreme Vacations, Stunts and more...