Radical turns within 1-2 meters (3-6 feet), but: the faster you ride the better the

stability. We've got up to 40-70 km/h (25-45 mph).

Using lifts at resorts makes it 100% pure fun.

Put on a "handlebar" and surf the city: ramps, obstacles and halfpipes.

Footstraps: Some like the pure surfing feeling, some like it hot:

Footstrap, hooks or click pedals.

Some riders: Martin Freinadametz, Sandra Farmand (Worldchampions, snowboard), Andi

Moller (worldchampion sandboard), and many others...

What's your style ?


Surf wherever you want: Grass, trails, rocks, pavements...etc.

You`ll keep pushing your own limits . Big wheels bring you

more comfort. Radical turns, free carving and surfing, high

speed downhill. The distance between your backwheels as well

as tire pressure define your style. It's yours.



Speed will pump up your adrenalin. Go fast and ride hard.

Increase the distance between back wheels to shift the

pressure to the edges. At your own risk though: take

protectors !


Go airborne or fakie, go wild on your board: back wheelie,

nose wheelie, hang ten, cut backs, pushing it on flat...etc.

(and we found some grassy pipes). Express yourself ! Your

backwheels are very close and demand sensitivity and balance.

With the smaller board you'll have some awesome surfing

sessions in ramps and pipes.

But whatever you do, it's a just like surfing...


Slides ?

No problem! But you can do radical turns without them. No

matter what, show respect.

Don't hurt Mother Earth !

 $350 and Up...

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