The mind behind Puzey Design and Evo Powerboards is 37 year inventor, Mike Puzey. Born in a very mechanical enviroment in Zimbabwe, Africa, Mike Puzey grew up around cars, bikes and planes and at a younger age than most, qualified as an aircraft engineer and commercial pilot. His huge interest in all things technical have resulted in an interesting collection of ideas and inventions, the most recent being the Evo Powerboard range and Puzey Pumpabike, a human-powered personal watercraft. It's a human powered Hydrofoil that can reach speeds of over 18mph on water. It's fully portable, weighing in at only 14kg, and takes minutes to assemble.

Another innovative product is the Puzey exercise machine, the world's 1st fully automatically adjustable home-use power-training machine, a machine doing exceptionally well on the US market right now on.

Mike Puzey's company, Puzey Design, is all about innovation and passion, they just try and do things better than the rest! Since 1998, Puzey has changed the way portable scooters have been built, and has become the benchmark in the development of PTV's worldwide.

Some of the original Puzey innovations were the belt and chain reduction drive systems, Posi-Lock folding system and canter-lever disk brakes. These are best known on the current range of Bladez scooters and have to date been copied by more manufacturers than anyone else in the scooter business.

For the new Evo range, Puzey has now patented all the key features of their new range, and intends to do their utmost to ensure the integrity of their market-leading intellectual property in order to bring the customer and dealer the best and most exclusive products available on the market today.

Puzey's desire to be the leader in technology and innovation has resulted in the most advanced production scooter the world has ever seen to date; the new 2004 EVO Powerboard range.

ALEX LENAERTS: The other partner in Evo Powerboards and Puzey Design is Alex Lenaerts, a highly motivated Powerboard enthusiast from Johannesburg, South Africa who has has an obsessive passion for anything with 2 wheels. Alex has spent his entire life around motorcycles and racing circuits, coming from a background of 10 years of Motocross racing and 4 years of professional Superbike and Super Motard racing. After more than 15 years of racing experience, Alex has developed an excellent understanding of what needs to go into a motorised product to make it successful.

This experience has played a pivotal role in the development of the Puzey Designs that are available today. He and Mike Puzey have now worked together for over 5 years and between them have a host of knowledge and experience that have resulted in the fantastic success of their new range of Evo Powerboards. Alex now also fills the Sales and Marketing role for Evo and Puzey, ensuring that the brandŐs image and reputation compliment the product. Alex currently distributes the Evo Range of Powerboards in South Africa, and has also been fundamental in the growth of "Scootercross SA" in South Africa, a sport which has been the testing ground for the new Evo range's development. This sport has experienced huge growth in the last 2 years and continues to grow.

The overall result in the partnership between Alex and Mike is the suceess of Evo Powerboards, a brand which they are both truly committed to making a world leader with cutting edge design, manufacture, marketing and distribution.

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