A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words

Simplicity and reliability - Are partners. one goes with the

other. A picture is worth a thousand words. With the hood up

(simple hinge with quick release ), you can see the whole power

unit. Notice the battery pack which consists of 2 batteries placed

to fit under the riders feet. The motor and control mechanisms are

shown by the rear wheel. The ZIP has a frame that has been

powder coated and baked at high tempature to protect it from the

elements. The motor is 1 horsepower, and the drive belt has teeth

so that it wont slip. The ZIP will carry over 350 pounds. the

controls are the most simple and reliable on the market.

The ZIP - is a clean functional

design. sit or stand, your choice

because the seat is removable. The

seat is quite adequate however ther

is the option of a much larger more

comfortable seat if you wish. Built

low to the ground makes it easy to

get on or off and to easily control it

from a sitting or standind riding

position. Wheels are 9" diameter for

stability and 3.5" wide providing

excellent traction with minimum rolling .

resistence. The ZIP also has an automatic internal battery charger

which will fully charge its battery pack within 6 hours.

Portability - The ZIP is a delightfully

portable scooter. The length is 40"

and it folds up into a package that is

12.3" high, so it fits into very tight

places such as a Car trunk, Van, RV,


Airplane, ETC. The fold up takes only seconds, a few turns of a quick

release hand bolt as is found on racing bicycle axels. The weight of

the unit is 68 pounds. To make it even lighter, unplug and lift out the

removable battery pack, (another 5 second task). Now you have two

packs, the scooter weighs 40 pounds and the battery pack weighs 28

- very managable weights and sizes. Portability comes in handy when

going to an event that has parking shortages. simpley park your car

where parking is available, remove the ZIP, unfold and ride to your

destination. You will find yourself going to many places that you now avoid.



This Cutaway View Of The ZIP - Shows the battery

pack (yellow strap) clearly and how it just sets into its holder and

can be removed by just lifting it out. A close up of the motor and

controls are shown with more clarity