the website

is illegally selling a Chinese Kockoff which is an Copy of A Patented and copyrighted Product.
It is in federal violation of the US and Canadian Patent and trademark laws. The website
has been photo captured and will be used in court as evidence of the violation.

The claims Made on their Site are all False. The pictures on the site are all from the real
Wheelman and are stolen as well.
It is dangerous, and Junk, the steering
mechanism is flawed as is top link, the hubless wheel centers only fit up to size 8.
The motor has 1/2 the power of the real product and there will be no parts as the
company is about to be shut down due to legal action.

The Company's contact information is hidden so there are no refunds or parts.
This video link on is also without permission.
Legal action is being taken as we speak, for more info, Click link

For the Real Deal Go to or

If you have ordered product from this company call 760-535-9768
There is a reward for information on this illegal product.