Re-inventing the Wheel

If man could have been made in more than one piece, he would have definitely had wheels rather than feet. It is certain however, that nothing that works like a wheel has been discovered in nature. Man made it up entirely. Fire is his greatest discovery; The wheel his greatest invention. The benefits of the wheel without axles have intrigued engineers for 100 years. Successful vehicle manufacturers have explored various design configurations and arrangements. Now in commercial production the wheel without an axle has a place in this fun new machine. It provides a low centre of gravity, efficient space management, strength and a distinct weight saving that has never been seen before. Although the wheel is one of the fundamentals of this vehicle it is maneuvered similar to a surf, snow, or skate board.   As such it is a great cross training tool for all your Extreme sports that can be utilized all year round in all types of weather. The research and development of the Wheelman has taken place over the past 20 years from the principal concept by Grant Taylor to the refinement by production design engineer Muzza Grant. This ensured that man's greatest invention has been re-invented to what we see today with the Wheelman. The current model has a 41.5cc
2 stroke engine which takes a mix of oil and gas just like a lawnmower. It holds around one litre and will give you ride time of an hour and a half. The average weight rider of up to 250lbs and will get a top speed of 20 mph.

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