All-Terrain Surfer

Remote controller   Gearbox &  
chain drive system  

Available one hand speed and brake control.
Patent pending.

Equipped with chain and ratchet sprocket power train system.
 Front spring hinge  Balance Strap & Foot hold  

The spring hinge guarantees smooth riding and quick turning response.



The balance strap helps keep you on board and is also used to carry the surfer.
The optional foot holds keep your feet from slipping off.
Aluminum and wood deck.  1.5 Liter fuel tank& bumper  

Deck is constructed of light weight
wood and aluminum.

A larger tank allows for rides up to 30 miles and is protected by a chrome plated bumper.

The Mitshibisi designed, 33cc 2Stroke engine  is compact and provides strong power with low noise
*The 4 stroke engine is available on the special deluxe model that requires no oil mixture.

Engine Type Single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke
Engine Displacement 32.6cc
Horse Power 1.7 @ 7000 rpm
Carburetion Pumper type w/ choke & primer
Fuel Unleaded gasoline / oil mix.
Fuel Capacity 1.5 litre
Running Duration 2-4 hours
Transmission 78mm auto clutch, gear reduction, chain drive
Maximum Speed 22 mph
Minimum Speed 0 mph
Maximum Load 350 lbs
Wheel Type 9" pneumatic
Braking Rear (band)
Price $749.00