MX5 Bike Motor Kit

Tech Data MX5
Cylinder capacity 33cc
Speed 25 - 28mph
Tank capacity 2 litres
Range 100 miles
Consumption 240mpg
Clutch Automatic
Colling forced air to finned cylinder
Petroil mix 50:1 or 25:1
Ignition breaker-less electronic

With the MX5 Bicycle Engine you now have the option of power assisted cycling or normal pedaling, all with a simple flick of a lever. The MX5 Bicycle Engine is a 33.6 cc., two-stroke, forced air-cooled engine with electronic ignition, which means very low maintenance. The MX5 Bike Motor kit will power your bike to over 30mph and gets well over 150 miles per gallon! Installs on bikes with a seat pole of at least 19 inches with 9 inches clearance above the highest position of your pedal.

Your MX-5 Super Bike Engine Kit comes complete with gas tank which can mounted beneath the seat or on the center tube. Also included is a motorcycle style throttle which easily mounts on your handle grip. This bicycle engine is more adaptable to your present situation because you still use your trusty bike except now you don't have to always pedal to go 30mph!

Price $449.00