WinterXBike Kit (now Alpine Ski Bikes)

Finally an extreme sport that anyone who owns a bike can enjoy!

Kit Without Skiis $269.95

Kit With Skiis $469.95

20mm Axle Adaptors (shown mounted to front bracket ) $29.95

The SKI-M-X Kit from Alpine Ski Bikes is a simple system that allows you to convert any bicycle into a "Ski Bike". You simply remove your wheels and cranks and replace them with skis and foot pegs. The idea of a "Ski Bike" or "Snow Bike" is not new; they have existed in Europe (where they are called "Skibobs") for over 40 years. What is new is the freestyle aspect that we have created with the implementation of the foot pegs. The European style Skibob requires that you wear short skis on your feet, which lends you a certain feeling of stability while riding straight but precludes any type of freestyle riding in the snowboard park.Just try to launch big air and land from a high altitude on your feet with a bike between your legs. It doesn't work out very well. With the foot pegs instead of foot-skis, the feeling of big air is no different than that of a dirt bike. Any trick you can do on your freestyle BMX bike on the dirt, you can do on your freestyle BMX bike on the snow with skis on it. You will not believe how easy this is to do and how much fun you will have doing it! How do you stop? The same way you stop on skis or a snowboard; you either turn sideways across the hill, or you skid it sideways -hockey stop style. You can also control your speed or stop by simply putting your feet down -Fred Flintstone style. If you can ride a bike, you can ride a ski bike. How do you ride the ski lift? You can carry the bike any way you see fit on the ski lift. The easiest way that we found was to hook the bike's seat onto the liftžs safety bar and just let it hang in front of you. You then hook a runaway strap around the safety bar so it is impossible to drop the bike. Then relax and enjoy the view. When you reach the top, you place the bike on the snow in front of you and ride away. Enter SKI-M-X! The SKI-M-X kit has created a whole new extreme sport experience. Now people can take their lightweight, super tough, marvelously engineered bicycles (that used to sit in the garage all winter) out to the slopes and do things no one has seen before. All the tricks that have been seen on bikes in the Summer-X-Games will now be seen on bikes on the snow in the Winter-X-Games. Big Air, Slope-style, Half-pipe, Boarder/Skier Crossœ this sport fits perfectly into X-Game venues that already exist.

UPDATE Nov. 220, 2010

Greetings fellow ski-bike enthusiasts!

Great news! The much sought-after ski-bike conversion kits are now

Kit without Skiis $269.95
Shipping $15.00 (USA)

Kit wtih Skiis $469.95

Shipping $20.00 (USA)
20mm axle adaptors $29.95

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If you need to find skis to mount to your new kit, you can use children's skis, twin tip ski-boards or cut-off sections of old skis from your basement. The optimum length for the skis is 85 - 90 cm for 20" BMX bikes and 95 - 100 cm for 26" mountain bikes.

Yes, the kit will fit (via removal of a spacer) either size rear dropout (as long as it is the standard 3/8" axle size). If you have a 20mm through-axle, they have 20mm adapters that allow the kit to be used with these axles as well for $29.95.

Eric D.

The Conversion Process If you usually do all your bike maintenance yourself, then you probably already have all the tools and know-how you need to convert your bike. Just remove all of the components until you are left with a frame, forks, stem, handlebars, seat-post, and seat. Then bolt the skis on just as you would mount wheels (note: the washers go between the bike frame and torsion spring. Whatever attitude the skis are in when you tighten the axle nuts, will be the skižs neutral attitude when you are airborne), and bolt the foot-pegs through the bottom bracket (if for some reason you would feel more comfortable wearing short skis on your feet like they do in Europe, then do not attach the foot-pegs). Next, go find a snow-covered hill! If you donžt have any experience working on bikes, the technician at your local bike shop can quickly do it for you at minimal expense. If, for whatever reason, you donžt want to convert your existing bike, you can use an old bike frame from your basement, or you can buy a full suspension mountain bike from Target or K-Mart for $119.00 and use that. They also have BMX style bikes for $99.00!

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ORDER Ski-MX Kit without skis: $269.95 + $15.00 shipping and handling

Ski-MX Kit with skis: $469.95 + $20.00 shipping and handling

20mm adaptor for mounting kit to 20mm through axle forks: $29.95

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