Sidewalker Scooters
For all you adults out there! so... which Sidewalker® Scooter is for you? (These push scooters are designed for adults. Hold on tight and BE WARNED! They're so much fun, children may try to take them away from you...)

City $319.00

- The fastest and smoothest Sidewalker® of them all. It¹s unique shaped frame with 26² tires offers ³suspension without suspension². YouŒve got to try it! FRAME - cro-moly | RIM - alu 26" | BRAKES - V-Brake | LENGTH - 182 cm H-BAR HEIGHT - 105 cm | WEIGHT - 11.5 kg COLOUR - flat blue (powder coated), yellow (p.c.), nickel EQUIPMENT - fender, kick stand, bell

EDITION - Everything the City is, in a classy powder coated gold. The head-turning ultimate Sidewalker®! COLOUR - chrome+gold (powder coated) | EQUIPMENT - fender, bell, kick stand, front light.
City LTD ED. $349.00

- This medium size 20²tires best selling Sidewalker® provides precision, agility and fun for adults and children alike. FRAME - cro-moly | RIM - alu 20" | BRAKES - V-Brake | LENGTH - 154 cm H-BAR HEIGHT - 100 cm | WEIGHT - 10.5 kg COLOUR - red (powder coated), chrome | EQUIPMENT - fender, kick stand, bell
Willy $299.00

EDITION - with its grip taped 3-tube foot support this Sidewalker®is the sportiest of them all! COLOUR -kawa green | STEPPER - 3-tube
Willy LTD. ED $319.00

- The stylish retro-industrial look, with 26²red fat tires makes this Sidewalker® an excellent choice for all around scooting. Large tires easily roll where other scooters can¹t. The ideal way to cruise the boardwalk, to class or to work. Have fun getting there! FRAME - cro-moly/hi-ten | RIM - alu 26" | BRAKES - V-Brake | LENGTH - 187 cm H-BAR HEIGHT - 105 cm | WEIGHT - 13 kg | COLOUR - chrome EQUIPMENT - fender, kick stand, bell
Cruiser $319.00

- With12² pneumatic tires the foldable Sidewalker® gives a smooth effortless ride. It's the best foldable scooter you can buy! Well suited for both adults and kids, it features a quick release hinge that allows you to take it on the bus, train, boat or in the trunk of your car... and unlike other folding scooters the Micro has a direct pull v-brake for added safety. FRAME - cro-moly | RIM - steel 12" pneu | BRAKES - V-Brake LENGTH - 182 cm H-BAR HEIGHT - 103 cm FOLDED - 121 X 55 cm WEIGHT - 6.8 kg COLOUR - black (metallic), silver, pearl white EQUIPMENT- fender, kick stand, bell, carryon binding strap
Micro $249.00

- Not for the timid or weak of heart, the Downhill is the biggest and baddest of the Sidewalker® line. Designed for off-road use with ultra-strong reinforced frame, high ground clearance, fat knobby tires, v-brakes and suspension forks. Going down mountain ski slopes in the summertime is the ultimate scooting experience; take it up again by the chair lift and prepare for the ride of your life. Jog the Dog! Have it pull YOU! Dog Scootering, the hottest dog activity from Europe is here. With 26" tires, front suspensions, award winning design and high quality braking system, the Downhill is now available to dog owners. Simply attach our dog tug-line to the scooter and... have a blast! Your dog will love it! And while the dog gets its required exercise and both of you are having fun, you remain in full control at all times for a safe and enjoyable "Jog the Dog" outing. For more information about dog scooting check out Also, check out our exciting ski attachment for winter downhill scootering. You can use your Downhill in summer and Winter! Is this fun or what!!! FRAME - monotube 50.8 mm | SUSPENSION FORK - zokes pro | RIM - al dx32 BRAKES - V Brake | LENGTH - 193 cm | H-BAR HEIGHT - 105 cm | WEIGHT - 13.5 kg COLOUR - kawa green | ACCESSORIES - cycleski, dog tug-line
Downhill $649.00
- Upgrade with Marzochi Bombers and magura disk brake! FRAME - monotube 50.8 mm | SUSPENSION FORK - marzocchi bomber z1 RIM - mavic d521 sai, alu 26" | TIRES - michelin wild gripper 26x2.20 BRAKES - magura hs44 disk brake / magura hs 33 raceline| LENGTH - 193 cm | H-BAR COLOUR - white (powder coated) | ACCESSORIES - cycleski
Downhill PRO $1350.00

BMX FRAME - cro-moly | RIM - st16"28h | BRAKES - al u-Brake front and rear LENGTH - 138 cm | H-BAR HEIGHT - 90 cm | WEIGHT -10,5 kg COLOUR - military green (powder coated)
Freestyle $319.00