The New Exkate Electric SkateBoard is a new

and unique alternative to traditional Transportation.

The 1 horsepower motor delivers high torque and is

operated by a wireless hand held state of the art

controller. The Control Unit features a variable

speed and brake levers. It also has a safety switch

to stop the board should the rider fall off. The patented

Odyssey Truck uses a revolutionary elastomer torsion

spring resulting in high speed stability while allowing

for razor sharp turns without adjustment. All that plus

the 4" by 2 1/2" Wide polyurethane wheels give the

Odyssey Sport Board the smoothest ride available!

  • 24 VDC Rechargable Battery

  • 10 Mile Range
  • 4-6 Hours Full Recharge
  • 1 hour Quick Charge
  • 0-19 Mph Speed Range
  • Electronic Battery Charger
  • 4" by 2 1/2" Wide
  • "New" Odyssey Trucks
  • Handheld Wireless Speed and Brake Controller
  • Patented
12 Volt $999