Phat Longboards

If you love to surf or snowboard

you will love Phat Cruizeboards!

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As you can see from the picture of our

original model, we have created a radically

advanced skateboard design. By using the

innovative wheel cut-outs, our skateboards

are not limited to a predetermined width. We

decided to go Phat! As a result our Phat

Cruizeboards are very stable but, amazingly

manuverable. Why? Because you can turn as

sharp as you want without having wheel-bite.

This is Mike Mayo. The owner and creator of

Phat Cruizeboards. Pictured here with his

Original design.

In your opinion, Mike, what is the future of

long skateboards? "The sky is the limit. I

don't think this is just a passing fad".

Why is that?

"Every month longboards are

getting more and more exposure from various

snowboard/skateboard and surf publications.

You see, with the tremendous growth of

snowboarding over the last few years, the

surfer-snowboard style of clothing and

attitude has grown across the country.

However, most of these people can snowboard

only seasonally. Also, throughout most of

the country surfing is not possible. These

individuals are discovering that they can

have great fun on a daily basis by riding a

longboard in their own neighborhood. This

has lead to a market expansion of the

longboard in the skateboard industry. To

emphasize my point further, the buyers of

longboards are not necessarily traditional

skateboarders. Because of this trend I have

used my past years of experience as a

competitive surfer and skateboarder to

create a superior style of longboard".

How did you do that?

"Well you have to start

with a great wood. That's why I use Baltic

Birch. It is very strong but flexible. The

key to having a great cruizeboard is the

flex. This unique flex gives the rider the

ability to create of sustain momentum".

What do you mean, What are your plans for Phat Cruizeboards?

"Well, I have just finished am working on a couple of

new models and trying to expand into more

skate, surf, and snowboard shops throughout

the country. That's the reason were putting

up the Web site, to increase exposure. If

someone wants to link their website to ours,

it would be great. I would like to see a

virtual mall if you will. One rad

collaboration of websites consisting of

snowboard and surf shops all linked

together. This website would have business

as well as contest information, snowboarding

conditions and lots of cool action shots".

Try the Phat Off-Road Board! We use the

Extreme Wheels and riser pads to give you

the lift. All you need is some imagination.

The Extreme Wheels work great on hard

packed dirt or short grass. If you love to surf

or snowboard then you'll love Phat Cruizeboards.

Take the fun of snowboarding and put it on wheels.

If you've never been able to surf, but want to give it

a try, this is as close as you can get

without the water. Because our cruizeboards

are so maneuverable, you can "carve" and

"cut-back" as if you were surfing or

snowboarding. When your done, you can use

the wheel cut-outs to hang the board up,

right next to your snowboard.

Phat Cruizeboards would like to have your

comments or suggestions about our website.

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