For 4 years now, an Aussie tribe of mountainmen have been developing the new alternative
lifestyle action sport their own way. Invented by Australian surfer John Milne,
the Outback Mountainboard has undergone a series of rigorous tests
designed tomake it the most indestructible structure since the cockroach.

April 1, 1992 was an uncharacteristically flat day in the surf history of Australia. Bored and bursting with restless energy,
John Milnedecided to spend most of that day tinkering in his garage. The basic structure was achieved quickly,
but it wasn't until a prophetic dream
on April 6 that Milne came up with the unique steering system.
On April 7, one week after its inception, the Outback Mountainboard

prototype was carving its way down the hills of Australia.

Since 1992, the Outback Mountainboard has been trampled, pummeled, roof-top tested,
danced on and fine tuned by some of the most
prestigious surfers, skaters and boarders in the industry.
Rather than destroy it however, these hooligans have refined the creation into

an ultra-durable, high-perform ance machine which now springs fully functional into your hands.

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