AquaJet Jet Bike

Award Winning Jetbike Design and Styling. Both models of the Jetbike are advanced in their design and styling execution and meet or exceed the standards of the motorsports and marine industries. The WX-2 model received an award of First Place for Design and Technical Excellence at the 10th Annual Invention Convention. The Jetbike is sure to be a trend-setting design and performance machine for years to come.

Dual Front and Rear Steering. The Jetbike is the only personal watercraft offering both a front and rear steering mechanism. All other personal watercraft are steered only through the side to side movement of a steering nozzle located at the rear of the craft that does not give the operator any steering "feel" or "feedback" from the water. With the Jetbike's patented dual steering mechanism, the front ski is turned through a front steering tube, supported by composite engineered bearing surfaces, which also controls the movement of the rear steering nozzle. The two mechanisms work in unison to provide rider adjustable and controlled steering input to the rider from both extremities of the craft. This provides the operator with exceptional control and feedback from the water while turning, as well as safe and precise steering of the craft. We believe its innovative patented dual steering mechanism provides the following advantages:

  Throttle-off Maneuverability. In addition to maneuverability under power, the Jetbike is the only personal watercraft that maintains complete steering control in a throttle-off condition. Other personal watercraft rely on engine power (throttle-on) to steer, and thus are uncontrollable when the engine is shut off, quits or the throttle is released in a panic situation. This condition can provide an extreme operational hazard, particularly when traveling at high speeds. In contrast, the Jetbike's unique front ski is maneuverable even when the engine is off, which management believes offers important safety and handling advantages in emergency, racing and other situations where throttle-off maneuverability under forward motion is necessary or desired for maximum rider control.

Unique High Draft Design. The Jetbike's unique high draft design affords several advantages over competitors' personal watercraft. Other personal watercraft have a low draft area, meaning they are typically submerged only a few inches below the waterline. The Jetbike's proprietary high draft design causes the craft to be submerged 24 inches below the waterline at speeds under 5 miles per hour. The Jetbike's high draft area is afforded by a patented ballast system which allows the vehicle to flood at low speeds under 5 miles per hour. By taking on water, the craft settles in the water, partially submerged, displacing the air in the hollow chambers that are intentionally designed and located within or around the craft. The front and rear portions of the craft feature a unique design that hydrodynamically lifts the Jetbike quickly out of the water at speeds above 5 miles per hour. All water that is taken on in the craft's ballast mode flows out from the back of the craft as the Jetbike accelerates out of the water. We believe that the Jetbike's unique high draft design affords the following advantages:


Ergonomic Hull Design. The Jetbike has been hydrodynamically and aerodynamically designed to offer the rider the sensation of riding a motorcycle on water. The Jetbike features a new hydrodynamic hull design that operates as a surface piercing hydrofoil instead of the small boat hull that is common to all other personal watercraft. The Jetbike also incorporates a motorcycle-like seating position requiring less bending of the knees, which management believes provides substantially more rider comfort and is ergonomically superior to sit-down watercraft currently marketed. The Jetbike's unique steerable front ski and grand prix superbike design offers the rider enhanced maneuverability and handling, which management believes will be attractive to riders demanding high performance characteristics from a personal watercraft to challenge their riding skills. The Jetbike is both a stand-up and a sit-down craft designed to accommodate both riding styles in comfort. The Jetbike's higher upright seating position provides greater visibility and makes the Jetbike more visible to other watercraft, further enhancing safety.

Integrated Headlight and Tail Light Safety System. The Jetbike is the only a personal watercraft to offer a headlight (patent pending) to enhance rider safety during the daylight. When on, this headlight makes the Jetbike more visible to other boating traffic, thereby enhancing safety. A rider-controlled tail light (or break light) tells those traveling behind of the Jetbike rider's intention to down.

Other Features. The Jetbike features lightweight unibody construction, a twist-grip motorcycle throttle and a power source currently configured as an in-board, low center of gravity, mid-mounted two-cylinder 90 horsepower (or optionally 120 horsepower) water-cooled engine and accompanying axle flow jet pump. The Jetbike is designed to offer on-demand acceleration and speed capability of 45 to 60 mph without sacrificing maneuverability. The rear under section of the Jetbike incorporates an inlet opening through which water flows for the jet pump. The engine is located at the lowest point in the hull of the craft, and is cooled by water supplied by the pump. Both the exhaust and cooling systems of the Jetbike are designed to eliminate back flow or flooding of the engine compartment. Additional safety features include an automatic throttle release that immediately stops the engine if a rider falls off, and a secondary ignition cut off switch, connected to the rider by a tether, that serves as a backup device to shut off the engine in the event of the loss of a rider due to a spill or fall. The Jetbike features a removable, replaceable planing surface on the hull for racing purposes, the use of either 2 or 3 cylinder engines and other performance enhancing features.

The Aquajet Engine and Pump. Aquajet has developed proprietary engine and pump configurations to power its Jetbike line of personal watercraft. Aquajet's powerplant lineup includes a twin cylinder, 850 cc engine currently designed to produce in excess of 90 hp and a three cylinder 1200 cc engine which will produce over 120 hp. These Aquajet-owned powerplants will be used in conjunction with a proprietary, in-house designed and engineered jet pump to provide the Jetbike with an unequaled combination of speed, power, and performance. A "Made in America" theme should provide the same advantage to the Jetbike as it has for Harley Davidson, a world-wide leader in the motorcycle industry. The Jetbike has been dubbed a "water chopper" by Popular Science magazine and a "high tech Harley for the water" by many motorcycle industry personnel.


The "twin race"' 850 is a compact, lightweight, in-line, vertical, twin cylinder engine, with the "triple race"ä 1200 cc engine utilizing the same basic design geometry in a three cylinder configuration. Both utilize proven internal components in conjunction with a high strength billet steel alloy crankshaft. Corrosion resistant alloys are used for the case, cylinder, and cylinder head. The Aquajet engine incorporates large water jacket cavities for efficient cooling, multiple carburetors for quick throttle response, and fully sealed electrical components for reliable operation. Management believes these engines could offer more long term reliability than foreign built engines used in other high volume personal watercraft, which are built from lower cost, less desirable materials and processes than Aquajet intends to utilize.

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