The Ultimate Ride

The Motorized Water-ski ...The Physics Don't Lie

The Power Ski's ease of operation is derived from it's hydrodynamic design. It neither looks like, acts like or performs like existing personal watercraft. The Power Ski is a lightweight, easy to ride, single rider stand-up watercraft that is stable and features a non-directional jet-drive system. Superior performance and maneuverability are achieved through the optimal integration of hull configuration, rail contour, low center of gravity and engine placement. The Power Ski is a different animal all together. Typical Jet-ski watercraft utilize mechanical steering devices and directional jet nozzles to turn their craft. This undoubtably places their center of gravity and pivot point far forward creating an abrupt tail sliding in-stability problem. The Power Ski's non-directional jet drive system places the center of gravity and pivot point directly under the riders feet applying G-force inertia and stability. The Power Ski is easy to mount and remount in deep water conditions by simply sinking the low profile tail and sliding up into a lay down position. The Power Ski's wide base provides stable access to the stand-up position during low speeds. To turn the craft the rider simply leans in the desired direction and "glides into a carving" turn. There is more than a significant similarity to a water-skiers turn.

The Power Ski's innovative yet practical success formula reads as follows: Less Weight + Low Drag Coefficient + Low Center of Gravity + Maneuverability + the Sideways Stance + Sleek Design = the Power Ski, the next trend in watersports evolution.

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