Bombproof Handbuilt Full Suspention Bikes

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1. High quality components

2. More comfortable and ergonomically correct riding position

3. Elimination of pedal bob through innovative geometry.

4. Power Transfer System that means it plants rear wheel to ground through
pedaling force to greatly increase traction and climbing ability.

5. Upright riding position to increase rider control, comfort, and stability.

6. Lightweight

7. Extremely heavy duty construction

8. Designed with race car technologies.

9. Upright riding position greatly reduces lower back pain and fatigue, arm
pump and hand fatigue associated with normal bicycle geometry's.

10. Designed in Glen Burnie, Maryland

11. 4 1/2" rear suspension travel

12. 4" Front Suspension Travel

13. 27 lb average weight of bicycle complete

14. Available in frame only or complete bicycle

15. Frame weight 6 lb w/o rear shock. RST 58 rear shock is 1.5 lb.

16. Available for immediate delivery on frames or completes.

17. Disc Brake option available (on complete units)

18. Frame is disc brake ready

19. Top Tube Length becomes almost irrelevant due to upright riding position
eliminating the need for many frame sizes.

20. Adjusting the Top Tube can be achieved by simply changing the stem without
any negative reaction on the steering or handling.

The ST3 full suspension bike was designed incorporating the human anatomy and its function. When walking or running the body is tilted just slightly forward not bent over. The power your legs generate is maximized in this position. To understand the concept of body positioning in relation to ST3 Bikes, bend over at 45 or 50 degrees and try to run 100 yards. You will notice the difference very fast. In addition, you will notice that at the 45 or 50 degree angle your body will tire greatly compared to normal position. Through extensive testing on conventional frames and the ST3 frame we have concluded that the upright riding position gives the rider a more natural balance. It generates much more power from the legs increasing the rider's endurance. Also, by not bending the body over so much as in conventional frames, the lower back, forearms and hand fatigue is extremely reduced. This enables the rider to ride much longer. An added benefit to the upright riding position is the contact the soft tissue makes with the seat. A big issue to bikers in general. The upright riding position also benefits the rider by providing more predictable handling and control of the bike due to rider placement in the chassis. With the rider in the upright position, his ability to descend and climb are greatly increased. On the conventional frame designs the rider is leaning over the front wheel greatly reducing his control in a steep descent. In the upright position the rider is a more neutral position enabling him/her to shift their weight forward or backwards to provide more control and predictability while climbing or descending. The ST3 is designed to incorporate the rider as part of the bike as one unit. The front and rear percentages, the body positioning in the chassis, and upright rider position, all work together to optimum performance overall. The ST3 is designed to meet the needs of today's mountain bike riders. With 4 1/2" of rear suspension travel and 4" of front suspension travel it descending characteristics are excellent. By eliminating the pedal bob using geometry, and the benefits of power transfer system its climbing ability is unsurpassed in the full suspension market. The ST3 has extremely responsive handling.


ST3 3500


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