Xtreme Mix Machine

 As Seen In Gear Magazine - November 2001 & Most Recently in Motorcyclist Magazine - April 2002
You've seen all the rest--now you can have the best!! 

The Extreme MIX Machine gas powered blender is hand crafted from the finest material and constructed with parts from time proven companies.   The Italians build  their automobiles and motorcycles with passion.  The "feel" and exhaust note should create emotion in the user of these fine machines.  Extreme MIX Machine is a product of this same type of thinking.  We did not invent the gas-powered blender, but we sure have taken it to a higher level.  No gearhead's collection should be without one! The Extreme MIX Machine (gas powered blender) uses an overhead valve Honda 4-cycle engine (no worries about the 2- cycle ban).  The monomenthylmethalicate table top is strong enough to stop a bullet.   The Extreme MIX Machine (gas powered blender) is the life of the party.  Mixing drinks will take on a new meaning.  Just owning one is an excuse for a party, and parties become more memorable indeed.  Start the millennium off in style!  The following standard options allow you to tailor your Extreme MIX Machine (gas powered blender) to your own personal tastes:

* high handlebars or "drag" low handlebars

* pipes with fishtails or "drag" slash-cut pipes.

We also offer additional customizing -- call for details. Each Extreme MIX Machine (gas powered blender) comes with free first time startup technical support.  Via phone, our technicians will walk you through the process to ensure you get maximum life and enjoyment out of your investment.

Price:$1795.00 (plus shipping)
Dealers Welcome