All-Terrain Wheelchair

The Pheonix All-Terrain Wheelchair.
Because less than one percent of the earth's surface is paved!

The Phoenix is the perfect piece of equipment for the road racer or mono-skier looking for new year-round training opportunities as well as any active person looking to access more of the outdoors. It is also ideal for disabled outdoor recreation providers wishing to expand their programs.

The Phoenix is the first and only full-suspension off-road wheelchair that you can buy. It has a "true" suspension which absorbs impacts from drop-offs and objects, like logs and softball sized rocks. It is equipped with two or four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes for ultimate stopping power. It incorporates adjustable ride-height, ground clearance and suspension travel for the strongest push. We have designed the front wheels to work like casters so you can push and steer from the rear wheels (like a standard chair), also contributing to a stronger push. Or use the mountainbike handlebars up front to steer and brake on the downhills. Our speed sensitive steering allows for sharp cornering and accurate, predictable handling at high speeds. Quick release wheels and the lightest, smallest frame on the market make the Phoenix even more user-friendly. The five words that best descibe the Phoenix are: fast, light, stable, comfortable and portable.

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2001 Pheonix

$3900.00+(65.00 s&h)